Dragon City

May 2012 (Facebook/PC) April 2013 (iOS)

Dragon City is a social network game from social games developer Social Point which was launched for play on Facebook in May 2012 and for download on iOS in 2013. In August 2014 the aforementioned developer made the game available for download on Intel Atom tablets for Android. The game targets mid-core players, allowing them to raise their own dragons and create a Dragon City on floating islands. In December 2012 The Next Web ran an article announcing that Dragon City was ranked #2 in Facebook’s 25 top rated games that year. Dragon city can be connected with Facebook (giving players a reward of an exclusive dragon and 10 gems).

The game currently has level 99 being the maximum level as of up to date, assumable to have 99 levels. To level up, experience points (Xp) are required. The player starts with 6 main islands. The player will then start a tutorial on simple tasks, such as breeding hybrids, collecting food from farms and clearing obstacles.

Currently there are 581 dragons (581 according to the dragon book). Deus, the god, or ultimate dragon builder created most of the dragons. To level up a dragon the player must feed it 4 amounts of food, and as the dragon levels up, it takes more food to level them up. Dragons generate gold as their revenue and the amount of revenue generated depends on the level and dragon it is. Players can grow food or can buy it for gems. However, players are able to buy temples that increase the limit to which a dragon is able to level up to. (Currently the maximum level for dragons to level up is level 40) There is also an ancient portal in which players can go back to a different world, grow dragons, send them to special islands, evolve them, breed them, and summon new ones (however players cannot customize this). There are several events a month in which players can earn rare dragons by breeding, feeding, growing food, fighting, and collecting gold.

The game has 12 normal world elements, which are in unlock level order, Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure and Legend. There are 6 ancient world elements as well for certain dragons, in unlock level order, which are Ancient (in which only the Ancient World breeders have), Beauty, Magic, Chaos, Happy, Dream and Soul. These dragons can be elementals (1 element), hybrids (2 elements), tribrids (3 elements) and tetra-elementals (4 elements). In total there are 18 elements in the game. Elements also indicate which habitats each dragon can be put in. Dragons can live in up to four habitats depending on how many elements the dragon contains. If they contain one element, they can only live in one habitat; if they contain two elements they can live in two habitats (with the exception of the double elementals); etc.there are holiday dragons ( usually cannot be breed ) but bought and you will only see a holiday dragon if it’s that holiday or was a day or two ago in the dragon market but They cost about 100 gems or more . Dragons level up by eating food there are 3 stages ( each have an animation they do) 1.baby stage,2.teen stage,3.adult and at level 15 dragons unlock all of their attacks for combat. The terra dragon is the most common dragon you’ll ever see and second most common is the flame dragon.

The elements are what gives the dragons their status, such as their defences, offences, and attacks. The elements can be primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary depending on what type of dragons they are. Most dragons’ attacks are based on what elements they have, for example Viking Dragon is an IceSea hybrid dragon youth replica soccer jerseys wholesale, so it only has Ice and Sea attacks and Ice is its primary element. However, there are dragons which can attack without needing to have the element. Some examples are Aztec Emperor Dragon, which is NatureElectricLight, but can also have the Pure element’s Pure light attack; and Pure Dragon, which is just Pure, but can also have the Flame element’s Lava balls attack. There are 5 attacks in each element, each with different base powers. Some exceptions are the Ancient elements with only 4 attacks, and Pure with only 3 attacks – all with the same base power. There are also physical attacks for when element attacks (depending on the dragon) are too weak. Every dragon has 8 attacks (4 default and 4 trainable ). Some dragons level 40 or higher can beat a legendary dragon !

There are 10 categories in the game as of up to date. The categories determine the attack strength and the health of each dragon depending on their Category. Categories 1 to 5 were introduced at the time the game was initially released. Categories 6 to 9 were introduced in April 2015. Category 10 was introduced in April 2016 along with the High Fenrir dragon,heroic races,and the heroic rarity.

The dragons are divided into six rarities (seen in their rarity medals), Common, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Legendary and Heroic. In order of increasing rarity, Common is the lowest rarity medal, the next lowest is Rare, the center lowest is Very Rare, the center highest is Epic, the second highest is Legendary, and the highest is Heroic. The first five rarities were introduced in June 2015, the Heroic rarity, however, was introduced in April 2016 along with the High Fenrir dragon,the heroic races,and Category 10.

In dragon city, there are 6 main islands, and once the player unlocks a certain number of islands, 3 more islands can be unlocked. Each island is bought with either of the game’s two currencies, gems and gold (if a player has a certain amount of friends they can buy that island, or part of an island for a cheap amount of gold, but if these requirements are not met i.e not having enough friends the islands must be paid for using gems. Players can alsoclear rocks, plants, and trees out of the way with gold, has not been purchased yet. These plants, rocks, and trees do not appear back. There are 9 towers, 1 for the 6 main islands and the 3 unlockable islands that players have to unlock by playing missions. Once doing this, players gain a power for every time the timer counts down. Island 1 dragon gives a gold bonus for 4 hours, Island 2 dragon gives the player 1 gem every 24 hours. Island 3 dragon gives an 8-hour skip on food production, Island 4 dragon gives you a 20% battle boost, Island 5 dragon gives you a skip on breeding,Island 6 dragon skips 8 hours on training attacks and Island 7 dragon gives the power to collect resources instantly. There is another breeding island where players can breed special or exclusive dragons. Furthermore, there is an ancient portal that sends players to a different realm and allows them to evolve dragons, breed them, find new ones and put them in habitats, without affecting the main game. The dragons from these are very powerful, and rare. Players can then use the market to buy dragons, habitats, decorations, and buildings. Once these are placed on the islands, they can be moved around.

In Dragon City, around 1 – 3 times a month there is an event where players have the opportunity to get items not normally available by winning league battles, winning a customized battle, feeding dragons and collecting gold. Once all tasks are finished, players can be rewarded with a rare and special dragon. These events are not rare. Once to twice a month there is a major event that lasts around 20 days, however there are smaller ones, some are half’s and last 4 days. There are also really small events that last a day,where players earn small rewards or dragons by feeding dragons, collecting enough gold, spending enough money, spend enough gold, earning gems,etc. There are also events in which players can buy a rare new dragon, and the event last an amount of units.

There are event battles, that help get players get more dragons. There are also tournament matches, where players have to win 10 battles (with the exception to the first four matches and a last few matches – 8 for the first two matches, 9 for the next 2 matches, battle numbers variable for limited time matches) to get a free dragon for each match completed. There are also league battles. These are the hardest and progress with level. Once players beat it they are rewarded with food, gold and gems. There are 8 battles to win (in most leagues) but players can only do 3 at a time.

There are several dragons that are referenced from real life, such as Umbrella Dragon, (Rihanna), Believer Dragon (Justin Bieber), Wrecking Dragon (Miley Cyrus) and Lady Dragon (Lady Gaga). These dragons appear in the Dragon Idol Island. (February 2016). Others include the dragons from Throne Island, which are based on the Game of Thrones TV series, however these dragons are based on celebrities’ characters rather than celebrities themselves; Bastark Dragon (Jon Snow), Mother Dragon (Daenerys Targaryen), Golden Hand Dragon (Jaime Lannister) and Cruel Dragon (Joffrey Baratheon).

From mythology one of the main characters in Dragon City striped football socks, Deus, is based on the Greek God Zeus. There are other specimens such as Hades Dragon, Atlas Dragon and Poseidon Dragon, from the Olympus Island. Other mythological dragons include Cerberus Dragon from Dungeon Island (1st generation) and Hydra Dragon. There are dragons from real life events, example of which are Columbus Dragon (Voyages of Christopher Columbus 1492-1502, including the discovery of the Americas), Independence Day Dragon and Patriot Dragon (both dragons referring to 4th of July, the Declaration of Independence of the USA in 1776), Mother’s Day Dragon and Motherly Dragon (both dragons referring to Mother’s Day holiday, which was founded in 1908) and Father’s Day Dragon.

In addition to that, there have recently been introduced two dragons based on YouTubers VanossGaming (Evan Fong) and H2ODelirious, both of whom have one of the most successful gaming channels on YouTube.

There are 563 dragons, some are new ones from small events, medium events, large events and regular updates. There are 581 dragons, if including the ancient world game appendix (the 18 Ancient World breeder dragons).