Lockerby Composite School

Lockerby Composite School is a high school located in the Lockerby neighbourhood of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, a short distance from Science North and James Jerome (Lily Creek) Sports Complex. Its motto is Scientia Nos Ducet (“Knowledge Will Lead Us”) rosle meat tenderizer. Lockerby became the first public high school in Ontario to include a laptop program in its curriculum in September 1999, a program which has since expanded to half of the student population.

Lockerby was one of the first schools in Canada to offer the Science and Technology Education Program (STEP). STEP focuses on science and technology in addition to teaching regular academic courses at the same time. The program is interchangeable and customizable. There is a laptop option, and there are additional enrichment programs that are offered in certain courses such as math and English.

Lockerby Composite School offers students a wide range of co-curricular opportunities including, sports, clubs, and social events. The Lockerby Students’ Council has the responsibility of organizing many of these events. The current principal is Craig Runcimon.

The original building was erected in 1958 and has been greatly expanded over the years. The expansion job is traceable throughout the years, as the style of building varies. Features include three gyms, computer labs, science labs, and over a dozen e-Labs: classrooms equipped with ceiling mount projectors, network connections for every student, and laser printers

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There has been an active effort by the school to refurbish the building, including: