PNS Ghazi (S134)

The PNS Ghazi (S-134), formerly known as NRP Cachalote (S165), was the diesel-electric submarine that served in the Pakistan Navy from 1975 until decommissioned in 2006. Based on the Daphné design, she was built in Portugal with French assistance as an Albacora class and had served in the Portuguese Navy before being purchased by Pakistan in 1977. In the service with Pakistan Navy, she was the only ship of her Albacora class in the Pakistan Navy’s Submarine Command.

Originally named as NRP Cachalote (S165), she was procured and transferred quickly to the Pakistan Navy by the Portuguese Navy after learning the news of Portuguese selling the submarine to private sector in December 1975.

After being sent to Toulon in France for a refit according to Pakistan Navy’s specifications and standards, she was commissioned in 1977 and was renamed as Ghazi in memory of PNS Ghazi, the Tench-class built in the United States in 1944. In 1991–95, she participated in the naval operations during the Somalian civil war.

In 1997-98, she was the film site of the Ghazi Shaheed, a telefilm released in 1998.

On 2 January 2006, she was decommissioned from her military service, completing 34-years of service with the Pakistan Navy.